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NateTheGreat- Get Away (Official Music Video)

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Recording Studio: Music Mayhem Studios

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"Getaway Lyrics"
[Verse 1]
Late night cruise
I been tryna get my mind right
Play a little tune
when it’s quiet like a sound bite
she wanna see me in the limelight
she wanna see me in my prime
Tired of asking what I sound like
Well put me on the radio and tell me
If it sound right, if I sound slight

Maybe then I can spend the night
If she sleeping with a star
cause I been sleeping in my car
But our love stretch far
Say It is what it is, and we are who we are
nigga don’t fall apart
You been real from the start
You been real from beginning
Gotta know when you winning
it ain’t a stove without a pot
keep staring at the clock
They done locked me in a box
It done cost me a lot
Everything that I got

Say you wanna get away We don't need a
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away We don't need a
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away We don't need a
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away We don't need a
Say you wanna get away
Say you wanna get away

[Verse 2]

Lately when I smoke
I never feel it
Lately I been caught up in the feeling
Of Maybe I should cop another ounce
And Maybe I should stop I need to quit it
Two blunts full of gas
You need to hit it
Only wear a mask to hide specifics
Wake up catch me trotting through
The kitchen
(Cut em up) x2

Been there done it I done did it all
Up late night no adderall
Been top notch no overall
Shawty wanna f\u0026*^ but I said nah
Turned a main chick to a side squeeze
Turned a side chick to the head boss
Now she she wanna talk her head off
Could’ve been you but you said nah

Pots to a kitchen
I’m nice with the pen and I’m locked
With the vision
You not with the kid
We Got opposite missions
Opposite squads
Got opposite visions

Gone done em up
My niggas gone Done em up
We see him on live
We gone sprint
And gone pick em up

How many bad times
And tuff lines do I gotta spit
When I touch minds
knowing I get grizzy
LIKE pork rinds
baby I’m just fine
They don’t know what I pushed through
Like stop SIGNS,
They don’t believe in you nigga
So you could stop Lyin,
I’m top 5
Like techs and glock 9nines
I drop dimes, like loose change
I left my boo thang
Cause my mood changed
So for Christmas,
she bought me a nigga a mood rang

Feel Myself
My stress don't feel like stress no more
Not pressed no more
Not stressed no more
My stress don't feel like stress no more
I just wanna be whatever that you decide to
Side too (2x)
I just wanna see you wherever you wanna slide to
Slide too (2x)
Cause you on my mind.

Nate The Great (c) 2020 NateTheGreat

Nate the Great (Nate the Great)

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Author: Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Illustrator: Marc Simont
Publisher: Yearling Books (1972)
AR: 2.0/0.5 pt.
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Nate the Great




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