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CD 케이스 대신 A4 종이로 봉투만들기/ CD Envelope

A4 종이 한 장으로 CD 1장 또는 2장을 넣을 수 있는 봉투를 만들어봅니다.
거추장스러운 CD케이스보다 훨씬 효율적으로 수납보관할 수 있어요.

How to Make a CD or DVD Envelope out of a piece of paper (A4 Size)



How to Replace CD Jewel Cases (Music CD, Game Cases, etc.)

Happy New Year everyone! I thought the best way to celebrate is to release this tutorial on how to replace your CD Jewel Cases. Most of the ones that we have are in bad condition and there is a way to restore them back to former glory. This video will show you exactly how to do that. And as a bonus, I am also going to show you guys a cheap way to protect your replaced jewel case for future use.

Uline Jewel Cases:




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