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Enter a tiny world of intense competition

Get set for sports action on a different scale! Enter our tiny world of sports where miniature athletes compete on a NATO strap. If you love to watch sports then buckle up, because you are in for a truly unique spectator experience.


OMEGA Official Timekeeper – The Electronic Starting Pistol

One of the most sophisticated pieces of timekeeping equipment at the Olympic Games is OMEGA’s electronic starting pistol. Connected to speakers in the starting blocks, it means that every athlete hears the start at precisely the same moment. The light flash also gives spectators a clear view of the action.


Timekeeping and tradition: OMEGA meets Japan
Immerse yourself in a beautiful world where the spirit of Olympic competition blends seamlessly with the host nation’s cultural traditions. A split-screen celebration of split-second precision and enduring Japanese customs, courtesy of the Official Timekeeper of Tokyo 2020.





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