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Good Morning Thailand | Samui quiet/flights/reopening, Thailand’s botched vaccine roll out

GMT heads off to Samui today to get the latest ‘on the ground’ reports on the suffering of businesses and possible reopening for the island. We also discuss the botched vaccine roll-out in Thailand… that’s not our words but the words of a number of Thai officials in leading rolls in the Thai health system. As usual we discuss your comments as well. Good Morning Thailand is recorded daily from The Thaiger studios.

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Shane Baeuerlen : Stop pushing Move the mic closer to her instead.
Grammar Officer Krupke : Yesterday's show was the most viewed Good Morning Thailand episode yet. I wonder why?
BamBamBatMan : Get rid of the stupid plants and the sound still sucks
vintageexcellence : Time for some better microphones
Tradeladder : Deary me that Shirt.

Koh Samui 2021. The Tourist Island is DEAD.

Exploring beautiful koh samui in 2021.
unfortunately many parts of it has become a ghost town with many businesses closed.

The main tourist areas have been badly effected but northern parts of the island still remain somewhat lively.
lookintothesky123 : What did you like more. Koh Lanta or Samui?
Tioman Island : Wow I would love this - no people around :-) What is your next stop?
Or Vaknin : tnx
Byazit Bostami : Do you need to quarantine for 2 weeks?
john wallace : Bro go so some Muay thai training at jackie muay thai in chaweng, i miss that place

사뮈(samui) playlist

※ 제 영상에 붙게 되는 광고 또는 광고의 개수는 제가 정하거나 넣는 것이 아니라 유튜브 시스템에 의해 자동으로 붙게 됩니다. 영상에 붙은 광고로 얻는 수익은 일절 없음을 말씀드립니다.

사뮈(samui) playlist

0:00 봄비

5:13 그럴 때가 있지

9:03 김뜻돌 - 사라져 (Feat. 사뮈)

12:56 우리의 시간이 같은 시간인지 아닌지를 따지는 것

18:35 새벽 지나면 아침

23:40 당신에겐 솔직하고 싶어요

27:50 빈 역

31:45 춘몽

35:32 열대야

39:06 찌그러진 동그라미

43:11 마음은 언제나 여러 개가 있지

48:46 두통 없는 삶

#지녀 #플레이리스트 #사뮈

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고양이 아빠 Cat Father : 1빠
16 800 : 기분 착잡한데 노래 들으니까 마음이 가라앉네요
이정헌 : 좋다...
곰곰 : 오늘부턴 나도 알거야
열공하는J : 들을게 없어서 ...뉴에이지나 듣고있었는데 감사합니다 선생님 이건좀 귀하네요




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