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#ACG S Twin F&P (Official Music Video)

GA7A 7TH : This is completely mad, 7th is stronger but this goes hard
Hassan the great :
Unknown Boy : 0:52 hits different now
Shaz :  @GA7A 7TH  some next fanboy, CJ's dead
JC uk :  @Camz  my bad

Fortnite World Cup CRINGE Compilation

Sky Goater : Help
nickcage : Metal is the law
[bigfellaayeb0ss] : Fucking kill me please
Mineblox : Im happy i went to minecon even if it gets shit its still better than this
Liam Thompson : I had a cringe overdose and a stoke and then died

CDNThe3rd reacts to Dakotaz face reveal

Bohskid : Yo man, i think you should check out what ninja just posted on his instagram. I believe it’s a low-key shot on DK. It might also make really good content
Rimuru tempest : Lol he looks like that one kid who run to the cafeteria running like naruto every school had one of those
Rebekah Watson : He sounds like a black person
YRN Xcvi : turns camera on This is my face shuts camera off
Peterson's Art & Games : He looks like prince of persia but a little bit overweight :)




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